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nnamdi and here in the french capital you watching live from paris from sony for. ensemble just wilson and these are the top stories. one year on president mackerel takes party commemorations in ny smoking the first anniversary of the truck attack in which eighty six people were killed. more united than ever dot is the state of relations between paris and washingto. in the words of the bastille day guest of honor us president donald trump. and deadly violence in egypt to germans i killed four other tourists up injured. in a stopping attack in the resort town of hurghada. earlier on in the day five were killed in an ambush on a checkpoint on the edge the capital cairo .
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good evening we begin on the french riviera what. tomorrow and michael has been leading the commemorations. niece. in the year that has passed since still they try. in which he six people lost their lives. well hundreds of people gathered at the poem not his only during the course of today to take part. in those various armies which included the laying of some twelve thousand plates. which together form a one hundred sixty meter long message. let's listen in to what president michael had to say. shekau. well each of us felt in our court house vehemence violence that was committed against us that night children. it doesn't stop click on this shortly after ten thirty.
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and debris to get them in a little over four minutes. good to talk to me is more than thirty thousand people were in the streets. the online and in an instan. eighty six died. and more than four hundred sixty which injured to the sea. president michael speaking that in the sophomore who crossed not from thirty fours chris bockman. who is that in niece? chris just tell us what's been happening there today and also what kind of a reception. at the president was given their needs. well something like fifty thousand people. actually for the commemoration ceremonies throughout the day a twenty five thousand tonight for a concert which starts in the next few minutes enough and around eleven. a lot of people here of course a terrorist is made of the holidays and die a lot of them want to come here. and also pay their their specs. we met some japanese people would make canadians we met russians. and they want to choose their holiday here of course they wanted to say
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that you know we're not french we want to cut the part of this house are many and they came in they sign to get a message. is an apartment of blacks on an area the pop right on that prominent on gays in the course right here. is where the carnage took place the president came down of course around four o'clock straight from paris. became without the former chief president's hall lawns and sarkozy as well. he met many of the victims of course throughout the day i gave a speech and that he spent a lot of time trying to reassure. the people who live in this city the fifth biggest city in france. that the state is that to protect them. yeah and on that note so will sort of steps have been taken during the last year or so. to prevent such an attack from happening again their niece chris. good good question let me give you an idea. an israeli consultancy firm has spent a good eight months down here. putting in some measures with that local city whole. ditch i make that says place more protected.
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i'm right behind me you can see some palm trees the idea behind the palm trees that you see there is to try and create a break between the road. i where the pavement where of course all this holiday makers are. on top of that they put metal barriers in here as well to prevent any from. because we going up onto the pavement. cameras have been installed double the nurseries crashes in france and then put inside schools as well and this much more police. going around the schools going round the nurseries on a daily basis make sure that nothing suspicious is happening. so all that has been installed in the last eight months of course it's been much more stuff that's been done which were not allowed to know about ourselves. to the ideals try at increases security here. tried increase restore confidence here but that's. far from accomplished yet. okay well thank you very much indeed from circles chris bockman in these thank you for bringing us up to speed. well as we've been saying today is france's national day a day which commemorates the start of the french revolution which began with
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the storming of the bastille prison. on the fourteenth of july seventeen eighty nine. when keeping with tradition the day was marked for the military parade through the heart of paris. at which president a menu in mccomb was joined by this is guest of honor. us president donald trump. as well as marching fly bys aerobatics of military jets. syria also sold the parade featuring french and american troops. what was tomato centenarian the u. s. entering the first world war? principles of julia sega has this report. france's annual display of military might. the famous festival parade. then as the tradition requires the president rode down the shelves and easy avenue in an open air military vehicle. at the same time the limousine arrived on the press that are controlled. president donald trump and the first lady are the guests of honor of this year's best deal day parade. pass france commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of the united states entry into
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world war one. under the eyes of both presidents history was revisited. full tanks that were used on the battlefield in nineteen seventeen and that played an important part in winning the war was okay ste. then came the air parade launched by france's top aerial squad. we followed by two american f. sixteens and french how private jets. a bi national fly symbolizing the two countries military cooperation in syria and iraq. on the ground the parade was opened by american troops some wearing the battle dress of the so called sammy's. that's how french people had nicknamed american soldiers during world war one. in reference to uncle sam. american troops saluted by their commander in chief. the two heads of sat together in a stand.
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plotting and commenting. until a more solemn moment. the military band played the anthem of the french southern city of knees. to honor the victims of last year's terror attack. when a jihad is proud to truck into the holiday crowd. killing eighty six people. your moment of silence the band ended the parade in an unusual manner. playing for awhile williams and daft punk's get lucky. a choice that museum in your medical but not so much that he was president. then came the united states national anthem. and the message of friendship from the french president to the american people. you should really see. i'd like to thank america for a choice they made me one hundred years ago will issue a fee. yes something. this parade brings to an end visit the newly elected
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french president needed to boost his international credibility. the visit that could also help the us president whose dog at home by an investigation. into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen u. s. elections. now another world news the egyptian interior ministry says they have arrested the man who carried out a knife attack i don't stay in the red sea resort town of haggadah. to german women or a poster being killed in that incident. and full of the female tourists were injured will be assailant is understood to have swam to the shore. before he then went and attacked people on the beach. let's get the latest now from bell true who's the cairo correspondent for the times newspaper. well what more if you got for us all on just what happened therein into gotta. what what we may from official who security forces the knife man? killed to jabber women and we did tale of the carrot. good to have be a hotel and a garter which recounts the career a on the right cheek. a buddy who are between neighboring
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beach in secondary kyle usually date open each year is no. amid have could l led to more people or to even. stop and buy we believe i am dark members of the hotel because they take executive on vision media showing a man being basically restrained on the markets twenty. and that security who who think differently go over to my house and found the other beach it's me and found it to the injured. i'm waiting for them to check into the more lenient. i'm reminded we understand i deliberately etcetera chips in cricket ground back we did not have to keep talking guarded. by deleting and yet here he is awarded regulation whether he is in custody. and of course they will be looking to see whether he thought having a creation had great lightly economic state habitat guarded need it in the past.
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yeah i was also a bit more about this in the theories of that a being discussed right now as to the possible motives that what what are you hearing more people saying well. well and we still haven't got a hundred equipment and really it like we do here in as it may be more more. andw years arm under quick question just well. the idea that he may have on egyptian gombak funny or that and let me state yeah akaka's in in the region hit near have our you know our play that back because it had. started basically to have to think that it has been blighted by several paradox recently. i'm just in january three current like other will green did miss them at night you type i can say that. he landed on the hotel beach with a gun knife there's life out. i'm not college and eight crew i shooting at concoctions monetary and tearing at palm sunday they would attack on chechen scout killed him kooky people. got the family took a bombing in attaching equal and it in a cathedral killing many critical out there. i think corbett them
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they gonna be trying to work out what this nineteen oct discreet. whether this in part because of the bombing state i'm emission in egypt attack harness and i'm on christian. laura will thank you very much indeed for bring us up to speed belcher in cairo thanks again. tensions are running high in jerusalem today off the two israeli police officers were shot dead close one of the city's highest prez. lot wek anger amongst religious leaders including the grand mufti of jerusalem. who was then detained? according to reports he's now been released from sony fourth catherine viet has a summary of the main events. searching for weapons after a deadly shootout at one of jerusalem's holiest sites. three assailants opened fire on israeli police near the noble sanctuary compound. two officers were killed and another was wounded.
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and all three terrorists were shot. and killed what we know is they were armed with an automatic weapon with a congress that weapon. as well as knives and they also attempted to stab our. and number of people here at the scene. the gunmen have been identified three arab israelis from the north of the. in the wake of the attack israeli authorities announced they were closing off the area. and said friday prayers would not be held for muslims at the temple mount to noble sanctuary compound. it has is the al aqsa mosque the dome of the rock and the western wall. a decision denounced by the grand mufti of jerusalem and double what beth unfortunately. israeli authorities have closed off all the gates of the mosque and the police prevented us from ensuring. this is unacceptable we must have access to our markets this is an israeli aggression against alexa mosque and the city of jerusalem or will do this. the deadly shooting is already raising concerns
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about escalating violence. the israeli prime minister and the palestinian presesident shared a rare phone call. mahmoud abbas strongly condemned the attack. benjamin netanyahu has reaffirmed that there would be no changes to the status quo at the noble sanctuary. wilson is just coming into us here from thirty four from the pentagon who was saying that the head of the islamic state group in afghanistan. has been killed in a strike on the jihadists had courses in afghanistan'. kunar province a us official saying the death of abu sayed. at who was killed along with other members of the islamic state group represents a major blow to the jihadists. and his death will and i quite significantly disrupt the terror group's plans. to expand its presence in afghanistan not news just in terms. of the death of abu syed. the un human rights office is calling on the government of venezuela to allow people to take part in what is an unofficial referendum on sunday. that's amidst
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growing calls for the presidency of nicolas maduro to come to an end. boy food in short supply and the economy in turmoil. record numbers of venezuelans are reportedly applying for asylum. a front swing for his first while we book reports now saying that there's opposition to model coming from several different directions. knows we lose most wanted man. appearing in public before tv cameras with some strong words for president nicolas maduro. yeah hold up if the next time you do this i don't go government to fall. on july eighteenth let's have a general strike the time has come. the people will be consulted with dignity. we will be on the streets defending the people. yeah but what. two weeks ago police helicopter pilot oscar perez went road. flying over government buildings in caracas while firing live rounds and throwing grenade. later posting videos claiming he attacked on the
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health of anti government protesters. a manhunt has been on the way but the pilot re surfaced out in opposition vigil. held to mark the deaths of many a hundred protesters since the beginning of demonstrations in april. a key development that has the opposition up in arms. maduro is cooling and national assembly to redraft the constitution and groaned himself even greater powers. but he's doing this without first consulting with the population. now the people are taking matters into their own hands and the world amazing an unofficial referendum. what impact will be so this is going to be the greatest act of civil disobedience in the history of mankind? this is people standing up for their rights which have been violated in a dungeon you'll you'll always have without people deciding to do with an institution hasn't allowed them. which in our normative concepts. the opposition will hold that plebiscite this sunday. hoping to delegitimize maduro's increasingly
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unpopular government. now nearly half a century since man's first steps on the moon something rather unusual it's going under the hammer at sotheby's. is a small pouch containing a lunatic dust samples and fragments of rock. which brought back to earth by neil armstrong during the apollo eleven mission. positivos rudolph our bass tells us all about. and that. this nondescript pouch may appear on remarkable. but what lies inside it is worth more than its weight in gold. on the twentieth of july nineteen sixty nine during the first lunar landing. it was used by neil armstrong to collect specimens of moon dust and tiny wilks this is the only item in private hands so. it's a tremendously rare thing and we think about it in terms of. stork artifact. something that was used by the first man on the first machine is that what the first samples is just it's remarkable. valued between two to four million dollars the pouch
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almost ended up in the band. off the apollo eleven mission was completed it was due to be shipped to the washington aaron space museum. button administrative era with infantry minted ended up in the johnson space center in houston instead. some of them were about to throw it out before offering it to a collector who run the space museum in kansas. he is later after being convicted by the fbi for various crimes. the collectors property was confiscated. amongst his belongings with the now famous pouch. in two thousand and fifteen it was put up for auction and soul to woman in illinois. for just under a thousand dollars. she sent it to nasa for tests with the provenance of its contents were confirmed. what followed was a legal battle with nasa challenging the ownership of the wallet? the judge ruled it belongs to the woman. she has since put up for auction to so the bees in new york. the pilots will be among the loss of an entire series of items. including the flight plan of apollo thirteen estimated between thirty to
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forty thousand dollars. but his one expensive pouch of dust going on the bottom of that some of these. it's a time now for a business update i'm joined by brian quinn high up fron. others to get in the uk the government finally getting use the idea that there may be a big built a foot for brexit screw thread negotiators for. you and okay getting set for talks starting monday and for the first time the u. k. side is admitting that a financial settlement will be necessar. in a written statement to parliament that mentions a financial settlement one break the minister says that the government recognizes. that the uk has obligations to the e. u. that need to be resolved. the so called divorce bill a settling of financial commitments from before the break that vote. has been a point of contention in the lead up to negotiations. the eu has estimated the bill could reach up to one hundred billion euros. earlier in the week foreign secretary boris johnson said that the union could quote go whistle if it expected such sums from the uk.
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will they be. well no matter what the outcome of pricing negotiations the economic fall out of the decision is already being felt. uk low cost airline easyjet has just announced it will open an austrian company to protect its business in europe. airlines must have an air operator certificate in a european country to continue continental roots. summit could be difficult once brags it takes effect. pierre del rio has more. taz uncertainty hangs on uk based airlines after the brexit votes easy jet may have found a way out. easy jet europe will be headquartered in vienna i'm unable easy jet to continue to operate flights both across europe and domestically within european countries. off to the uk has left that you. with the austrian license easy jet hopes to maintain its activity in continental europe. regardless of the outcome of a future you kate you aviation agreement. the restructuring of the
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business is expected to cost you jet more than ten million euros. the airline said the move would not affect uk jobs. thousand employees in britain would continue to be based in the. ordinary. and it's eleven other bases across the okay. the move to establish a new headquarters in vienna was welcomed by austria's chancellor. loses by match dot this is a strong sign that austria as a business location is successful. will back the boom continues big international companies like easyjet do believe in austria well. the pan european aviation group with three airlines based in switzerland the uk and now possibly austria. will remain at the control of easy jet plc listed on the london stock exchange. returning now to china where the country's foreign minister is speaking out against economic protectionism in the european union. on wednesday germany approve new regulations to limit investment in strategic industries by non eu
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companies. that move is seen as targeting china in an attempt to protect the german high tech industries and intellectual property rights. china says that economic and trade cooperation between itself and e. u. countries is mutually beneficial and that other countries should avoid. similar measures let's take a listen. they don't get alternate to national situation china is willing to work with germany and other european countries to promote trade liberalization and facilitate investment and on the basis of mutual respect and equality. and and the principle of mutual benefits win win results and common elements china hopes germany and other european countries should avoid the interference of protectionism when rolling out relative regulations. so as not to send of confusing and negative messages to the outside world will. well here in france today of course marks the two hundred twenty eighth anniversary of the storming of the bastill. and tomorrow marks a big anniversary for the city of paris is well it's the tenth
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anniversary of the vase lea. the popular bike sharing service was the first to take hold in a major capita. and was a runaway success with over twenty million users in its first year alone. todavia leaves are used an average of one hundred five thousand times each day. in many cities around the world have installed their own versions of the bike sharing program over the years. rebecca rosman has more. ten years after first hitting the streets of paris of believe the city's iconic bike sharing system. has become something of a symbol in the french capital. yeah it is. well ten years ago almost nobody got around on bikes. hid practically disappeared. enough council but ever since you believe showed up along with the come suddenly much cooler and more accessible. that's the same personal matter. billy was launched in two thousand seven by then paris mayor bertrand delanoe way. who was inspired by the young ones of the lows bike sharing program? its popularity has skyrocketed since with more
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than three hundred twenty four million rentals recorded. a number of other international capitals have followed suit. london windows areas new york and other cities have developed their own bike sharing systems poland france a number of other transport sharing programs have been unveiled in recent years. like we ought to leave carsharing system. and more recently city skewed self service scooters. in a moment the mobility in the twenty first century is a shared mobility it's a multimodal mobility become years very easily from public transport to valley to other kinds of shit ability. but believe sharing aspect hasn't come without a price. the city had a pan excess of sixteen million euros in twenty thirteen alone on inventory and maintenance fees. mostly due to vandalism. leave aside to change ownership this year. the new provider plants unveil lighter frames and roll out a handful of new electric bikes. new rates such a rise will also be announced this fall.
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time now for a check on the markets european indexes with a lackluster friday session equities in the eurozone however still on track for their best week in two months. chairs in uk broadcaster sky dropping his chief rupert murdoch appears unlikely to offer regulators any new concessions while he tries to merge it with box. london's footsie one hundred closing down nearly half a percent purses cattaro clothes for the best deal they holiday the frankfurt dax ending just under flat went. wall street looking at strong weekly games with some decent progress in friday trading. boeing shares taking off that's helping with the down the number of u. s. banks including jpmorgan reporting better than expected result. stock prices in the sector is still under pressure as trading revenues declined it's not holding the smp back too much though it hit a new mid day record friday. well let's take a look at some more of today's top business headlines artistes is buying portugal's media capital. but that's telecoms firm is expanding its portfolio in europe and the u. s. after buying new york cable operator cablevision
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two years ago. media capital on if you are teaching. portugal because he's is paying us. freezer four hundred forty million euros for nearly ninety five percent stake. fiat chrysler is recalling over one point three million vehicles worldwide. italian american automaker said potential fire risks an inadvertent airbag deployment where at issue in the two separate recall orders. the company said it's aware of several incidents related to the issues including two accidents but there have been no injuries. and grab is raising up to two billion dollars in funding from japanese investment firm softbank. in chinese ride healing company in tv. brad is uber's biggest rival in southeast asia the wall street journal reporting that the deal could close within weeks and value the company at over five billion dollars. grab operates in fifty five cities across seven countries it's also expanding into credits. and electronic money transferring services
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